Windows 7 Easy Transfer


Transfer your accounts, e-mails and documents from XP to Windows 7


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Currently the most-used operating system is Windows XP, but with the arrival of Windows 7, many users will update their computers to this new version from Microsoft.

However, on some occasions this change can be rather burdensome because of the quantity of data and documents that users likely have stored on their computers after several years of use.

For this reason, there's Windows 7 Easy Transfer, an official Microsoft application created to migrate all the documents, user accounts and much more from Windows XP to Windows 7.

The program is very easy to use: You just have to transfer the data through a special Windows Easy Transfer cable, using the network, or storing it on a CD, DVD or USB memory device.

The program is very easy to use and includes an assistant for less-advanced users.

On the program's webpage you can also download the version to migrate data from Windows Vista. To access this version click on here.

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